Introduction of Flash Columns From Hawach

Flash Columns Series

Flash Columns produced by Hawachhas three series as follows.

StarFlash Only silica gel columns are optional with another two types of standard and high-grade level which has higher purity degree and better quality than the former.
Flash Corresponding to silica gel bonds and phase columns, there are C18(Both spherical imports and irregular domestic involved), C8, NH2, CN, HILIC and alumina, which are all exotic fillers to supply to the high-end market.
DepuFlash C18, C8, NH2, CN, Phenyl, SAX, SCX and Doil, which are all domestic fillers for the low-end market.

Essential Technical Parameters

Material Medical PP tubular column, medical sintered PE sieve plate and imported absorbent packing.
Parameters of Stationary Phase
  • matrix type (e.g. silica gelor polymer)
  • bonded phase type (e.g. C18 or CN)
  • particle size (e.g. 3or 5 um)
  • surface area of stationary phase(e.g. 130 m2/g)
  • bore diameter
  • homogeneity
  • purity of stationary phase
  • Packing(g): from 4mg to 33g (Different series contains distinguish maximal weights)
  • Flow velocity: from 10 to 100ml/min
  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Others(length * diameter)
Standard Chromatographic Silica Gel Flash Columns.png
Standard 40 Chromatographic Silica Gel Flash Columns.png
Spherical SCX Flash Column