About The Daily Maintenance Of Flash Columns

Notes Before using the column
Before using the Flash column, the performance of the column should be tested, and the results should be saved as a reference for future evaluation of column performance changes.

However, it should be noted that the column performance may be different due to the difference of the sample, mobile phase, column temperature and other conditions used; in addition, the column performance test is done according to the chromatographic column factory report (the conditions used in the factory test is better). Only in this way, the measured results are comparable.

c8 chromatography flash column

Daily maintenance
1. Before testing, sample and mobile phase to be filtered is suggested;
2. It is recommended to clean in time after finishing the samples every day;
3. Routine testing: After the test, directly connect the chromatographic column in the reverse direction and wash it with 90% organic phase for 45min, then store in pure methanol or pure acetonitrile;
4. Conditions for using buffer salts
1) Isocratic conditions: before and after using the buffer salt, flush with the transition mobile phase at a flow rate of 1ml/min for 45min;
2) Gradient conditions: before using the buffer salt, the transition mobile phase with the same composition as the initial mobile phase is rinsed at a flow rate of 1 ml/min for 45 min;
3) After the buffer salt is washed, 90% organic reverse washing is used for 60 minutes, and then stored in a pure organic solvent;
Note: If the buffer is used, it cannot be left in the column overnight.

Column storage
1. Column storage in a short time
If the interval of use is not more than four days, the column does not require special maintenance, and only needs to be rinsed with pure methanol, pure water, or a mixed solution of methanol and water according to the nature of the mobile phase or sample used in the subsequent test. Wash until the baseline is flat for about half an hour.
2. Long-term storage
If the chromatographic column is not used for a long time, remove it from the instrument and store it. Rinse with a suitable solvent before removing it to wash off the eluent that is not suitable for storing the chromatographic column. For example, C18 reverse phase Flash column can be used with pure methanol or Acetonitrile is used as the storage medium, and then plug it tightly with a plastic stopper to prevent the column from drying out completely.