Advantages of Flash Column

Flash column product advantages:

empty chromatography flash column

1. Dissolution of impurities: All the materials used are medical grade PP and PE, which have strong corrosion resistance and low impurity content, therefore the dissolution probability of impurities is low.
2. There are many series of adsorbents, and there are different types of adsorbents imported and made in China. In addition, the specifications are diverse, which facilitates the choice of price-sensitive customers, quality-sensitive customers, and customers in different application fields.

The similarities and differences between Flash column and SPE column:

All of them are separated in sample pretreatment.

The difference is that the flash column is a fast separation column. It needs to be used with certain instruments. In addition, when it is used, the upper interface will generally introduce gas/liquid (with a certain pressure) to speed up the sample separation process.

SPE column uses gravity to flow down by itself or SPE column solid-phase extraction device to accelerate the separation speed by vacuum extraction.

Flash column is mostly used in organic synthesis and industry (in industrial preparation, large pillars with heavy fillers will also be purchased for use). While the SPE column is often used in the pretreatment of small samples in the laboratory.