Application And Advantage Of Flash Column

Advantage of Flash Column

Hawach Scientific has some obvious advantages in the flash column, which is a contribution to an excellent design team, strict and perfect quality control system.

Concretely speaking, it is solid and reliable, it can meet different performance needs with good peak line, reproducibility, and durability. Moreover, it provides high purity silica gel matrix and high-quality process, which do good to bond diverse stationary phases and satisfy many liquid methods as possible.

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Application of Flash Column

Flash column provided by Hawach Scientific is noted for excellent resolution, efficiency, and sensitivity. Currently, it is a device which can quickly realize the separation and provides with a high degree of separation. The retention capacity is slightly weak, and the compound is washed faster, which makes the separation can be realized more quickly.

Besides, high purity and high surface area silica gel and dense stationary phase cover can minimize secondary interaction and provide repeatable separation with a high degree of separation. The separation ability of compounds with a similar structure is improved, and the stability is maintained even at extreme pH value and high pressure.