Application and Description of Flash Column

Hawach Scientific provides a wide selection of flash columns, they are a quick and easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds, and often used on a preparative scale to provide better separation and cuts down on the amount of time required to run column. We committed to providing a good performance flash column, featured in clean column, clean packing, excellent column pressure, and wide compatibility. And dedicate flash column design is convenient for manual assembly and stacking, a wide range of specifications is satisfying different purifications. Flash columns are all passed the ISO9001 certification, ensured column efficiency, and provided with flexibility and free leakage.

cn flash column chromatography

Advantage of Flash Column

Hawach Scientific has some obvious advantages in the flash column, which is a contribution to an excellent design team, strict and perfect quality control system.

Concretely speaking, it is solid and reliable, it can meet different performance needs with good peak line, reproducibility, and durability. Moreover, it provides high purity silica gel matrix and high-quality process, which do good to bond diverse stationary phases and satisfy many liquid methods as possible.

1. Dissolution of impurities: All the materials used are medical grade PP and PE, which have strong corrosion resistance and low impurity content, therefore the dissolution probability of impurities is low.
2. There are many series of adsorbents, and there are different types of adsorbents imported and made in China. In addition, the specifications are diverse, which facilitates the choice of price-sensitive customers, quality-sensitive customers, and customers in different application fields.

The similarities and differences between Flash column and SPE column:

All of them are separated in sample pretreatment.

The difference is that the flash column is a fast separation column. It needs to be used with certain instruments. In addition, when it is used, the upper interface will generally introduce gas/liquid (with a certain pressure) to speed up the sample separation process.

SPE column uses gravity to flow down by itself or SPE column solid-phase extraction device to accelerate the separation speed by vacuum extraction.

Flash column is mostly used in organic synthesis and industry (in industrial preparation, large pillars with heavy fillers will also be purchased for use). While the SPE column is often used in the pretreatment of small samples in the laboratory.

Application of Flash Column

Hawach Scientific provides flash column for customers in a wide range of sizes and specifications, including standard Silica gel, Superior Silica gel, Spherical C18, Irregular C18Spherical NH2, Spherical C4, Spherical C8, Spherical CN, Spherical HILIC, Neutral Alumina, Spherical Phenyl, Spherical SAX, Spherical SCX, Spherical C8, Spherical Diol and so on.

Manufactured with the use of superior quality materials and progressive techniques, these flash columns are easy and quick to install without any requirement of tools. High purity PE frit ensures the mobile phase passes through without corrosion, strong retention ability is fit for the non-polar compound or analysis of pesticides in food additives and contaminants.

Flash column provided by Hawach Scientific is noted for excellent resolution, efficiency, and sensitivity. Currently, it is a device which can quickly realize the separation and provides with a high degree of separation. The retention capacity is slightly weak, and the compound is washed faster, which makes the separation can be realized more quickly.

Besides, high purity and high surface area silica gel and dense stationary phase cover can minimize secondary interaction and provide repeatable separation with a high degree of separation. The separation ability of compounds with a similar structure is improved, and the stability is maintained even at extreme pH value and high pressure.