Application Of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

neutral alumina chromatography flash column

Neutral alumina flash column is an efficient flash chromatography tool for organic compounds separation and purification, such as alkaloids, aliphatic, and steroids. It is noted for high purification、average pore size and excellent flow rate. Additionally, the column maximum operating pressure can be up to 200psi, which ensures its high-temperature resistance properties. There is no worry in quality, because it has approved by ISO9001, and it has equipped with certificates of analysis and material safety data sheets. If needed, please contact us for questions regarding specifications and certificates of analysis.

Date parameter of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

There are some details in neutral alumina flash columns. Particle size is 50μm-75μm, surface pH is 6.3-7.2, water content is 3.0-5.0%, the sample volume is 10%, and the column weight is from 8g to 600g, max. the pressure is 150/10 and 200/14.

Application of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

The neutral alumina flash columns adopt unique and proprietary dry packing technique, thus it is currently the second most popular packing material in flash chromatography. Besides, the sealing property is good, polyethylene frits completely prevent media from leakage, thus avoiding corrosion of skin and pollution of the environment.