Barometric Flash Column Chromatography

Column chromatography is one of the most important methods to separate and purify organic compounds, and adsorption column chromatography is the most widely used.

c8 chromatography flash column

However, the above method is commonly taken under ordinary pressure. It is slow and time-consuming. When prepare, separate or purify the organic compounds which are photosensitive and oxy sensitive in large doses, rapid elution is extremely necessary. Here we will talk about barometric flash column chromatography.


During the process of barometric flash column chromatography, exert pressure on the eluting agent in the column by filling the air. So that the eluting agent will flow faster and the operation time will be shortened.


Barometric flash column, pump, filter flask, and test tube.


1. Choose proper barometric flash column according to the volume of samples that are prepared to be separated. Add a little degreasing cotton, quartz sand, and adsorbing agent successively after the column is dried and cleaned up. Cover the upper layer of the adsorbing agent with quartz sand afterward.
2. After the preparatory work is finished, slip the rubber plug with duct into the upper end of the barometric flash column, and connect the other end of the duct to the filter flask with a pump. Operate the pump to increase the pressure inside the column and the flow rate of the eluting agent is also increased.