Brief Introduction Of Flash Column

Flash column is used for separation in sample preparation. The Flash column is a fast separation column which is used with a certain instrument.

Flash column adopts the separation principle of liquid chromatography separation for selective adsorption and selective elution. The frequent used method is to pass the liquid sample solution through the adsorbent, retain the substance to be tested, and use the appropriate strength solvent to wash away the impurities, and then quickly elute the test substance with a small amount of solvent, thereby achieving the purpose of rapid separation, purification, and concentration.

It is also possible to selectively adsorb the interfering impurities and let the measured substance flow out; or simultaneously adsorb the impurities and the tested substance, and then selectively elute the test substance with a suitable solvent.

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Flash Columns
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Compared with the traditional liquid-liquid extraction method, FLASH can improve the recovery rate of the analyte, separate the analyte from the interference component more effectively and reduce the sample pre-treatment process. It is easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving. The filler particles range from 10 to 60 um and the shape of the particle has no specific requirement.