Characteristics of Flash Columns

The fast liquid chromatography column optimization function, or “GO” function, converts the linear gradient into a step gradient and optimizes the elution conditions near the confirmed elution peak.

First, purify a small portion of the sample with a small column and wait until the run is complete, select the Optimize button. Then select the target peak, a new, optimized, gradient-based elution method is automatically generated. Select a new column and collection scaffold, the separation method is automatically adjusted according to the size of the new column, and ready to run.

Spherical SCX Flash Columns Chromatographic Silica Gel Flash Columns

Flash column features

1. Excellent chromatographic peak shape
The flash column uses a new type of bonding and end-capping technology to provide perfect peak shape, which greatly improves the resolution and quantification of acid, base, and neutral compounds at low and medium pH conditions. The accuracy of the analysis.

2. Excellent low pH stability
Compared to other brands of silica gel columns, the stability of flash columns at low pH results in longer column life.

3. Outstanding efficiency
So far, advanced ultra-pure silica fillers, combined with new bonding and end-capping technology, ensure high efficiency in flash columns and higher sensitivity.

4. Batch reproducibility is good
Flash columns achieve industry-leading column-to-column and batch-to-batch reproducibility.

5. Excellent mass spectrometry compatibility
The flash column is compatible with mass spectrometry and has sharp peak shapes, excellent selectivity, higher peak capacity, and lower loss of bonded phase. In addition, the resolution and low back pressure characteristics of the flash column saves the cost and time of the analysis.

Flash column characteristics:
1. High load sample
2. Excellent stability under low pH conditions
3. Excellent peak shape
4. Outstanding efficiency