Characteristics Of Hawach Flash Columns

The formation of a flash phenomenon

c4 flash column chromatographyThe boiling point of water is higher than 100℃ when the water is heated under a certain pressure. The higher pressure, the water has a higher boiling point, the higher the caloric content. When the pressure reduces, some sensible heat is released, and this needless heat will be absorbed in the form of hidden heat, causing some water to be “flash” into steam.

The differences between SPE column, Flash column, HPLC column
In general, both the SPE column and the Flash column are used in the pre-processing of the sample being analyzed. After the pre-processing is completed, the sample is then sampled. The HPLC column was used to separate glucose, maltose, and sucrose from sugars in an HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph) instrument.

It should be noted here that the properties of the salt and the sugar are very different, so they are well separated. However, the properties of glucose, maltose, and sucrose in sugars are very similar, and it is difficult to separate them. Therefore, the separation capacity of the HPLC column is much larger than that of the SPE column and Flash column.