Features of Flash Column and Factors Affecting the Life of Flash Column

Flash columns adopt high-capacity silica gel for precise filling, which has very excellent separation and purification performance. The specific surface area of high-capacity spherical silica gel is 40% higher than that of ordinary spherical silica gel, and the sample loading is twice as much as that of ordinary spherical silica gel.

Flash columns use a smaller size of high – performance silica gel packing, with higher separation performance. Moreover, they are compatible with all kinds of rapid liquid phase preparative chromatography systems and can be used in series.

cn flash column chromatography

Features of flash columns

1. Automatic mechanical filling;
2. Good reproducibility;
3. Higher separation degree;
4. Higher pressure resistance;
5. Use less solvent;
6. The chromatographic columns used for separation are smaller, faster, and more economical.

Factors affecting the life of flash columns

1. Heavy metal ions;
2. Mechanical impurities;
3. Some strong adsorption pigments;
4. Some residual solvents affecting the column life.

Generally, flash columns can withstand high pressure, but they cannot withstand the sudden change of high-pressure impact, which will change the volume of column bed and affect column efficiency.

Merits of Flash Column

Flash column provided by Hawach scientific provides with many merits and unique properties, which makes it obtain consistent confidence and build a good image in the market. Specific merits are as follows, the product model is complete, specifically including 15 kinds of flash columns, each of them featured with distinct performance and matched in a different application.

All of them were packed with good quality and high efficiency. There are specific suggestions on the purchase, thus the improper operation can be avoided in advance.

Details on Flash Column

In order to maximize service optimization and dispel confusion for customers, there are some details on our flash column. Maximum pressure is up to 300/21 (psi/bar), high purity PE column ensures wide compatibility with most chemical reagents, and strong retention ability is matched with the most non-polar compound.

Carbon content, average particle size, column specification surface area, and flow rate are all equipped with different models, which can greatly satisfy the needs of global users. The gentle difference can be obtained in the device introduction. For example, spherical C18 flash columns are the purified flash column made from C18, which is fit for the analysis of pesticides in food, veterinary drugs, food additives, and contaminants. Such as Empty Flash Columns, Silica Gel Flash Columns, Spherical Phenyl Flash Column, and other flash columns for your choice.