Guide to Select Flash Column

Flash column chromatography is an efficient way to separate complex mixtures of compounds in the lab. we use compressed air to push the solvent through the column when we are running flash columns. It can help provide better separation and cut down the running time as while.

Flash column with high-quality must-have features of high flow rates for fast purification of target compounds, reliable, consistent performance from automated precision packing, and various of column sizes available for purifying milligrams to several grams.

Tightly controlled water content, our flash column can fit standard Luer-Lock perfectly, connected with prepacked and empty column both for the choice of the full range of volume. We have the best silica gel columns with the design which avoids umber-some, expensive adapters, valves, and other accessories.

Machine packed with ultra-pure sorbents, our flash columns are the best silica gel columns for flash purification of organic compounds with the highest resolution and duplicability for normal-phase separations in the lab.

Standard 40 Chromatographic Silica Gel Flash Columns.png
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