Hawach Empty Flash Column

Sometimes, the users have own sorbent and just need an Empty flash column. Our company, Hawach Scientific is online to supply the Empty flash column. In 2019, we already add 2 sizes of Empty flash column as 60g and 100g. So we enlarge our size range of empty flash column as the below list:


Our empty flash columns are made from medical grade virgin PP cartridge and ultrapure sintered PE frits. This natural advantage makes it stable chemical resistance, the first on end of the column makes free leakage. The standard Luer-lock end fittings allow for quick, easy connection to the most of flash system.

In addition, we also supply for the empty column packing tools with the full of matched size. The tool helps you to pack the sorbent into column easily and improve the efficiency of your work. Hawach Team welcomes you come to inquire more information.