Flash Column Chromatography

Flash column chromatography is a quite easy and convenient way to separate very complex mixtures of compounds. It can satisfy most organic compound’s purification requirements, no matter the synthetic mixture or the natural plant extract. You can inject the sample from several micrograms to several hundred grams. It will realize efficient separation under the pressure of 10 bar and satisfy all the purification requirements of flash column chromatography.

1. Functions

Satisfy all the purification requirements of flash column chromatography.
Monitoring by four wavelengths makes it efficient and timesaving.

2. Features

As a new chromatographic system, it is mainly used for the separation and purification of a large number of complex organic mixtures, combinatorial chemistry, new drug development or natural product research. It features high speed, large separation, and good repeatability, high efficiency, and automation. Most of the sample separation can be completed in 30 minutes.

The system uses a chemically inert, maintenance-free gradient pump system that uses normal and reversed-phase solvents to operate at pressures up to 100 psi at flow rates of 5-100 ml/min. It can get rid of the traditional glass chromatography column with very low efficiency and meets the chemical synthesis of small-batch/medium batch or the separation and purification of natural products, which greatly improves the separation efficiency.

3. Highlights

a. Dissolution of impurities aspects: Because the materials used are all medical grade PP, PE, with strong corrosion resistance and low impurity content, the probability of impurity dissolution is low.
b. There are many series to meet different demands. The adsorbent can be imported and domestic. What’s more, there are various specifications to make all customers satisfied whether they pay more attention to quality or price.
c. For the adsorbent particle size, users can refer to the particle size distribution curve provided by HAWACH, which is correct and convenient.

empty flash column chromatography
nh2 flash column chromatography

4. Usage

Flash column is a separation and purification technology widely used in pharmaceuticals and organic compounds. The quality of fast columns plays a major role in flash chromatography, and rapid columns ensure complete separation of valuable compounds and specific impurities.

5. Purification

Flash column is an equipment that is commonly used to separate complex mixtures of compounds. It produced by Hawach Scientific has a good separation effect, short retention time, low fines and low metal content. Standard Luer connection and medical PP grade tube are compatible with most of the flash system. The amount of samples you are going to use determines the size of your column. Moreover, higher operation pressure and strong corrosion-resistance make it ideally used for the separation of non-polar or other compounds.

6. Cleaning

Maintenance of the cleaning of the flash column is a necessary step to maintain good separation effect of reaction. When the separation process is finished, flush all the remaining solvent out of the column immediately using pressurized gas to avoid tube staining or contamination.

When all solvent has been removed from the tube, remove the last remnants of solvent by applying a vacuum to the bottom of the column, and then disposed of solvents should be put in a special collection container. All in all, a clean flash column can ensure the mobile phase passes through without extraction and pollution.