Hawach Spherical C18 Flash Column

sax chromatography flash column

Hawach spherical C18 flash column is a typical column product used for the preparative separation, which has undergone rigorous mass determination before sales. The performance parameters of the flash column are carefully controlled and rigorously tested as well.

Basic Information
The spherical C18 flash column adopts pure spherical silica bonded C18, which possesses narrow particle size distribution for higher efficiency. The average particle size is 20-45μmor 40-75μm, and both sizes of spherical silica provide varying degrees of separation efficiency. This RP flash column type can meet most separation requirements by ensuring the efficient separation of the target compound.

First of all, the spherical C18 flash column is equipped with great compatibility with most LC instruments. There are a variety of choices of the flash column types provided for the clients with a wide range of selection of sizes and fillers to choose from (such as different sizes of silica and stationary phases).

Secondly, the preferred particle and pore size ensures a high recovery rate and perfect reproducibility.

Thirdly, according to the requirements of customers, the column could be loaded in various specifications and models. Also, it provides high efficiency and high quality at a low cost.