Installation And Maintenance Of Flash Column

Flash column from Hawach Scientific features in high compatibility, safety, and flexibility, most of them can be used for separation of different compounds with good flow distribution. Customized packing and clean package make the super clean environment and better shipping cost, high purity packing material ensures excellent separation efficiency, average pore size offers excellent flow rate, fine design enlarges load capacity and high recovery rates, and tight particle-size distribution avoids leaching and channeling.

cn flash column chromatography

Installation of Flash Column
Flash column supplied by our company is convenient for manual assembly, there are some tips for installation and usage. The whole equipment consists of several parts, including screw cap, frits, tips, O-ring, and end tips and disbursing unit. Luer-lock end fittings are compatible with any flash system, end fittings keep media from moisture, polyethylene frits prevent media from leaking, as well as allow the mobile phase to pass through. More details can be referred to as instructions or communicated to our office.

Maintenance of Flash Column
Flash column designed by Hawach Scientific is of transparency appearance and smooth interior wall, these properties enable customers to clean the flash column easily and completely. And each part can be dismantled and separately stored, thus contaminated risk is greatly reduced.