Introduction Of Hawach Flash Columns

irregular c18 flash column chromatography

As an efficient and easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds, chromatography provides increased resolution and the effective separation of complex peptide mixtures as well. Hawach flash columns adopt ultra-pure and high quality boned silica with multiple sorbents. They also have a wide range of sizes for different applications.

With reliable, consistent performance from automated precision packing, our flash columns have high flow rates for fast purification of target compounds. The sizes of the different columns are available for purifying milligrams to several grams.

Fitting Luer lock end, Hawach products of the flash column are all made of medical grade PP cartridge which offers high compatibility, safety, and flexibility with free leakage, and medical PE grade frit which prevents media from leaking and allow mobile phase passes through.

With C18 flash columns, Silica Flash Columns, and other bonded ones, multiple pore sizes and particle sizes are available for your application, easy connection to other instrument systems, and manual setups, such as Biotage, Grace, Armen, Moritex, etc..