Knowledge of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

Description of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

c4 flash column chromatography

Irregular C18 flash columns provided by Hawach Scientific are ideally used for non-polar compound separation. It is noted for high purification、wide compatibility、strong retention and wide application. Additionally, the overall design of the column is exquisite, Luer lock end fittings are compatible with any flash systems, the patented disbursing unit offers better flow distribution, polyethylene frits prevent media from leaking, and end fittings keep media from moisture.

The C18 flash column adopts pure silica bonded C18, which possesses narrow particle size distribution for higher efficiency. The average particle size is 20-45μm or 40-75μm, and both sizes of silica provide varying degrees of separation efficiency. This RP flash column type can meet most separation requirements by ensuring the efficient separation of the target compound.

Series of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

Irregular C18 flash columns fall into two series: one is the Depuflash series irregular C18 columns, and another series is irregular C18 columns. There are differences between the former and the latter in the following areas: column specification surface area of the former and the latter are 500m²/g, 320m2/g; average pore size is 60Å, 100Å; average particle size is 40-63μm, 20-45μm; carbon content is 17%, and max. the pressure is 250/17 and 300/21.

Irregular C18 flash columns are made of high-quality materials, which ensures it is compatible and used with most flash chromatography systems, such as Yamazen, Biotage, ISCO, ETC.

Features of flash column

First of all, the C18 flash column is equipped with great compatibility with most LC instruments. There are a variety of choices of flash column types provided for the clients with a wide range of selection of sizes and fillers to choose from (such as different sizes of silica and stationary phases).

Secondly, the preferred particle and pore size ensures a high recovery rate and perfect reproducibility.

Thirdly, according to the requirements of customers, the column could be loaded in various specifications and models. Also, it provides high efficiency and high quality at a low cost.

Hawach C18 flash column is a typical column product used for the preparative separation, which has undergone rigorous mass determination before sales. The performance parameters of the flash column are carefully controlled and rigorously tested as well.

Here are some key points about irregular C18 flash columns:

  1. Stationary Phase:
    • The stationary phase in these columns consists of irregularly shaped silica particles. These particles provide a high surface area for interactions with the analyte compounds.
  2. C18 Functional Group:
    • The silica particles are functionalized with octadecyl (C18) groups. These hydrophobic chains interact with non-polar or weakly polar compounds in the sample.
  3. Reversed-Phase Chromatography:
    • Irregular C18 flash columns are primarily used in reversed-phase chromatography. In this mode, the stationary phase is non-polar, and the mobile phase is polar. This allows for the separation of non-polar compounds based on their relative hydrophobicity.
  4. Applications:
    • Irregular C18 flash columns are commonly used in various applications, including the purification of natural products, pharmaceutical compounds, and other organic molecules.
  5. Column Size and Dimensions:
    • Flash columns are available in various sizes and dimensions, typically ranging from a few grams to several hundred grams of silica packing material.
  6. Loading Capacity:
    • The loading capacity of an irregular C18 flash column depends on factors such as the particle size, surface area, and column dimensions. It is important to not overload the column to ensure proper separation.
  7. Flow Rate:
    • Flash chromatography is typically performed at higher flow rates compared to analytical chromatography. This allows for faster separations.
  8. Solvent Compatibility:
    • It’s important to ensure that the solvents used in the mobile phase are compatible with both the stationary phase (C18) and the silica material.
  9. Column Care and Storage:
    • Proper storage and care of flash columns are important to maintain their performance. This includes proper cleaning, storage in a dry environment, and avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals.
  10. Column Reuse:
    • Flash columns can often be reused for multiple runs, provided they are properly cleaned and maintained. However, the number of reuses may vary depending on factors like the sample complexity and the cleaning protocol used.
  11. Column Selection:
    • The choice of column size and type (normal phase, reversed phase, etc.) depends on the specific separation needs of the user.
  12. Compatibility with Flash Chromatography Systems:
    • Irregular C18 flash columns are designed for use with flash chromatography systems, which provide the necessary pressure and flow control for efficient separations.

Remember, always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines for the specific irregular C18 flash column you are using, as different brands or models may have unique characteristics and recommendations.