Knowledge of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

Description of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

c4 flash column chromatography

Irregular C18 flash columns provided by Hawach Scientific is ideally used for non-polar compound separation. It noted for high purification、wide compatibility、strong retention and wide application. Additionally, the overall design of the column is exquisite, Luer lock end fittings are compatible with any flash systems, patented disbursing unit offers better flow distribution, polyethylene frits prevent media from leaking, and end fittings keep media from moisture.

Series of Irregular C18 Flash Columns

Irregular C18 flash columns fall into two series: one is Depuflash series irregular C18 columns, another series is irregular C18 columns. There are differences between the former and the latter in the following areas: column specification surface area of the former and the latter are 500m²/g、320m2/g; average pore size is 60Å、100Å; average particle size is 40-63μm、20-45μm; carbon content is 17%, and max. the pressure is 250/17 and 300/21.

Irregular C18 flash columns are made of high-quality materials, which ensures it is compatible used with most of the flash chromatography systems, such as Yamazen, Biotage, and ISCO, ETC.