Maintenance Method for Preparation and Complete Service of Flash Column

Flash column plays an important role in purification and separation, so the maintenance of the flash column is much needed. It can not only increase the service life of the flash column but also greatly reduce the cost of scientific research. Select the appropriate sample pretreatment method to ensure the good solubility of the raw materials to be separated, as far as possible to remove the raw materials will affect the life of the flash columns factors such as heavy metal ions, mechanical impurities, and some strong adsorption pigments, as some residual solvents that affect the life of the flash column.


  1. Inspect the Column:
    • Before use, visually inspect the flash column for any cracks, damage, or contamination. Ensure that all joints are secure and in good condition.
  2. Choose the Right Column Packing:
    • Select an appropriate stationary phase and particle size for the chromatography you are performing. The choice of packing material depends on the characteristics of the compounds being separated.
  3. Equilibrate the Column:
    • Prior to loading your sample, equilibrate the column with the chosen solvent system. This ensures that the stationary phase is properly wetted and ready for sample application.

Avoid High-Pressure Impact Separation Column

General flash columns can withstand high pressure, but cannot withstand the sudden change of high-pressure impact, which will change the column bed volume, affecting the column efficiency. The main causes of high-pressure impact are the slow rotation of the sample valve of the sampler, the too-fast start of the pump, column switching, and other operations.

Reasonable Selection of Separation Column

As we know, the selection of flash columns is mainly based on two points, one is based on the molecular weight of the components to be tested, and the other is based on the mobile phase conditions, including pH values, ionic strength, solvent polarity, etc.

Chromatographic Silica Gel Flash Columns

Good Habit of Cleaning Flash Column

Developing the good habit of washing the flash column at the end of each analysis work is of great benefit to prolong the life of the separation column. For the reverse phase separation column, if buffer salt is used, it is necessary to flush the buffer salt in the column with a low proportion of organic phase, then rinse the column with a high proportion of organic phase, and finally keep the separation column in a high proportion of organic solvent; in addition, pay attention to keeping the flash column in the mobile phase with neutral pH value, and must not be stored in a strong alkali or acid system.

For the in-phase silica gel flash column, the solvent with better solubility of the sample was selected according to the properties of the sample used for washing, but considering the destructive effect of a solvent such as methanol on silica gel, the methanol content should be controlled below 10% or the silica gel column should be rinsed with n-hexane: isopropanol (50:50) system; finally stored in the system with n-hexane: isopropanol (90:10).

Custom Packing and Private Label

The new upgrade flash column designs a more concise, generous, bright box. The whole protection is more considerate and the meticulous outer layer adopts high-quality corrugated paper, the anti-scour, and shock absorption performance is better. The inner lining is made of a custom bubble film, and the chromatographic column is better protected by a rapid liquid phase during transportation. Flexible service offers a project base or FTE based.

Humanized Product Production Management

Hawach flash column products have a full range of sizes and select different particle sizes of high-quality ultra-pure filler filling, users can choose different sizes of rapid separation columns according to different needs of economy and efficiency. Empty flash columns refer to flash chromatography columns without any stationary phase packed inside. These columns are used in flash chromatography to accommodate customized packing materials or to allow users to pack their own stationary phase. Hawach has established a sound product production management system, and rapid separation column product quality reached or exceeded the international level of similar products. The porous layer and solid core limit the diffusion distance and increase the separation speed, while the narrow particle size distribution improves the column efficiency and separation degree. The column supports high pressure and can achieve the highest separation degree and column efficiency by using multi-column series.