Product Highlights & Certificate of Analysis of Flash

As a quick and easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds, flash column chromatography is recommended as a specialized chromatography technique in the lab. As we know that it uses compressed gas or a pump to push the solvent through the column. Compared to the simple gravity flow, this technique is advanced as it allows for faster flow rates of the solvent. It not only helps provide better separation but also cuts down the amount of time required to run a column. When you use flash column chromatography for your applications, you must pay attention to the usage of finer particle size for the stationary phase, such as silica gel, Spherical C4 Flash Column.

We offer a full line of flash chromatography products designed for separation and purification of various synthetic and natural-occurring compounds. The column cartridge made from medical grade virgin PP material and PE frits, with low fines. and guaranteed leak-free. our Columns are highly compatible with all flash chromatography system, and always available in prepacked and empty flash columns.

Product Highlights

Generally, SPE products are focused more on impurity dissolution and wide options. Like SPE, due to all medical grade materials of PP and PE, Flash features resistance of corrosion and low content of impurities to make sure low impurity dissolution.

In addition, both domestic and imported adsorbents satisfy all kinds of types and specifications so that price or quality sensitive customers among various areas can be covered.

Certificate of Analysis

The particle size distribution curve of adsorbent silica gel has shown that in the representation of adsorbent size between 3um and 5um, not all particle diameters match the number, it is actually a range of the test result– particle size distribution curve.

Followings are several relevant reports defining other important characteristics of standard silica flash column 120g.

Product Highlights & Certificate of Analysis of Flash
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