Rapid Chromatography And Flash Column

empty chromatography flash column

Rapid chromatography
Technology for the separation and purification of natural products and biological macromolecules. It has the advantages of easy operation, cheap price, and rapid analysis, and a few other technologies can match the rapid chromatography in the application of purifying organic matter. Rapid chromatography is a typical low-pressure technique.

The chromatographic column is filled with silica gel adsorbent with a particle size of 40-60um, and the mobile phase with low viscosity needs to choose a smaller particle size.

Flash column
With the progress of Times, more and more laboratories have a higher degree of automation for separation and purification—rapid chromatography (low and medium pressure preparative chromatography), in the pharmaceutical outsourcing companies often referred to as the flash column machine.

As the name suggests, this is a replacement for the hand-crafted silicone column, which we call the flash column. With the gradual popularity of the domestic machine, the use of higher grade.