The Brief Introduction To Flash Column

Flash chromatographic column, also called rapid chromatographic column(rapid column crossing, which means gradient elution, decompression or pressurization of the column), medium pressure chromatographic column(for example, rapid elution is achieved by pressurizing with nitrogen and passing the column with a suitable expanding agent), is the basic tool for separation and purification in the laboratory.

scx chromatography flash column

Applications of Flash Column

Flash technology, developed in 1978 to purify organic compounds, is a fast and inexpensive technology compared to conventional column chromatography.

Now, Flash separation and purification technology are widely used in drug research and development, sample purification, and natural product purification and other applications. Flash is one of the chromatographic separation and purification tools that cannot be replaced by the current preparative HPLC due to its low cost, simple and fast features.

Features of Flash Column

The elution speed of flash column can be controlled in four ways: one is to extend the filled column of elution fluid; The other is to control the tap; The third is to increase the pressure, such as by argon, nitrogen, air and other compressed air; The fourth is to increase the power so as to speed up the flow rate of the mobile phase through the pump.