The Function and Installation of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

The flash column is usually used for the chromatography experiment to separate the complicated compounds by pressurizing air. This not only helps provide separation results but also cuts down on the amount of time required to run the column.

The hot air enters the stirring, crushing, and drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer at a suitable spraying speed from the inlet pipe, which produces strong shearing, blowing, and rotating effects on the material, so the material is micronized by centrifugation, shearing, collision, and friction.
Chromatographic Silica Gel Flash Columns
Strengthened mass and heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, larger and wet granules are mechanically broken under the action of the agitator, and particles with lower moisture content and smaller granularity are entrained by the rotating airflow to rise and are further dried during the ascent. Because the two phases of gas and solid are rotating, the inertia of the solid phase is greater than that of the gas phase, the relative speed between the two phases of solid and gas is relatively large, and the mass and heat transfer between the two phases is enhanced, so the machine has high production intensity.

Neutral alumina flash column is an efficient flash chromatography tool for organic compounds separation and purification, such as alkaloids, aliphatic, and steroids. It is noted for high purification、average pore size and excellent flow rate. Additionally, the column’s maximum operating pressure can be up to 200psi, which ensures its high-temperature resistance properties. There is no worry in quality, because it has been approved by ISO9001, and it has equipped with certificates of analysis and material safety data sheets. If needed, please contact us for questions regarding specifications and certificates of analysis.

Advantages of HAWACH Flash Column

1. Impurity dissolution rate: the materials are all medical-grade PP and PE, which have strong corrosion resistance and low impurity content. There is a low probability of impurity dissolution.
2. Diversity of options: a large number of series/types, imported/domestic adsorbents. The features of diverse specifications are convenient for price-sensitive customers and quality-sensitive customers. Customers in different fields can have multiple choices.
3. Particle size distribution curve of adsorbent silica gel: for the parameters of adsorbent particle size of 3um and 5um, it does not mean that the diameter of all particles is this value, but a range. The result obtained by testing this range is the particle size distribution curve.
4. Report of silica gel partial adsorbent purity test; stability test report for standard silica gel flash column.

The function of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

Hawach Neutral Alumina Flash Columns can be used to extract aromatic amines, highly active porous alumina, whose surface electrons can form pi-pi interactions with aromatic rings with strong polarity retention and acid properties. Compared with unbonded silica gel, neutral alumina flash columns is more stable in a high pH environment and suitable for the extraction of aromatic amines.

Installation of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

Hawach offers some guidance in the proper installation of a neutral alumina flash column. The first is to wash the column clean to prevent the adsorption of the pipe wall, if the use dry loading column can wait for the post after drying the direct loading column, so that the filler precipitation is uniform, to elute, so that the column bed to maintain balance, and then can be sampled. If the column is wet, first use the eluent saturated filler, and then press the black button to press the neutral alumina column down. The whole process should be very slow, the sample drop by drop into the column, too fast adsorption, desorption effect is not ideal.

Date parameter of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

There are some details in neutral alumina flash columns. Particle size is 50μm-75μm, surface pH is 6.3-7.2, water content is 3.0-5.0%, the sample volume is 10%, and the column weight is from 8g to 600g, max. the pressure is 150/10 and 200/14.

Application of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

The neutral alumina flash columns adopt unique and proprietary dry packing techniques, thus it is currently the second most popular packing material in flash chromatography. Besides, the sealing property is good, polyethylene frits completely prevent media from leakage, thus avoiding corrosion of skin and pollution of the environment.

Hawach flash columns will provide you with different types of flash columns. If you have any question for our product. Don’t hesitate to contact us.