The Hawach Flash Chromatography Column

As a simple and fast absorption chromatography technique for the routine purification of organic compounds, flash chromatography is developed for the daily purification of reaction products in the lab, which is low costs and achieves separations of samples (0.01-10.0 g weight) in a short time.

c4 flash column chromatographyFlash chromatography is basically a compound of medium pressure and short column chromatography driven by the air pressure.

The process is described as follows:
1. choose a solvent that is chosen which gives the best separation.
2. select a flash column of the appropriate diameter which is machine-packed with high-quality silica gel, propylamine group of silica gel and NH2. or other packs. You can check out three series of our flash column as StarFlash and DepuFlash.
3. fill the flash column with the solvent.
4. use pressure to push all the air from the silica gel rapidly
5. apply the sample, refill the flash column with solvent, and elute the sample.
Generally, it takes so fast (5-10 min)The time of eluting the components from the flash column. Small fractions are typically collected early in the elution while the larger ones are collected at the end of the chromatography.