The Reason for Increase of Column Pressure During Use

irregular c18 flash column chromatography

Flash column pressure has something to do with the form of silica gel, the mesh number, the synthesis condition of filler, the condition of column packing, the mobile phase, and the temperature when analyzing.

Different manufacturers’ new flash columns, their column pressures may be differed by 4 to 5 Mpa under the same condition of mobile phase and temperature. Especially for the low-end and high-end products, the difference is more obvious.

The above mentioned is decided by the silica gel and production condition of the manufacturers, and the existence of difference is very normal. At the same time, column pressure also has something to do with column efficiency. In general, the flash column with high column efficiency has relatively high column pressure, while the flash column with high column pressure does not always have high column efficiency.

Normally, there are two types of pressure increase during the use of a flash column. One is that the column pressure increases slowly as the time of use extends, and this is normal. The other is that the column pressure suddenly increases a lot during use. This phenomenon is always caused by the improper operation of laboratory workers. They mainly do not filter the samples before using the flash column.