Tips for Using a Flash Column

empty chromatography flash columnIn recent years, the application of HPLC in inorganic analysis has developed rapidly, and the use of flash columns has been more and more widespread because of a method that can rapidly determine heavy metal elements in environmental water samples.

Flash column chromatography is a fast and easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds for scientists in the lab. compressed air is used to push the solvent through the column when we running the flash columns. The process not only provides better separation but cuts down the running time too.

Even though flash column chromatography is not a new concept, it is still the primary technique for purification in the lab, as it is fast, easy, and convenient. The same physical principles which work on HPLC also apply flash chromatography with the ability to use either normal-phase or reverse-phase and using bonded phases to modify elution profiles. Due to these characteristics, flash chromatography can be used in the field of natural product purification.

Hawach always provides high purity stationary phased packed flash columns in the full range of sizes for our customers, with the column cartridge made from medical grade virgin PP material and PE frits, and the standard Luer-lock end fittings which can connect to most of the flash system easily.

Matters needing the attention of flash columns

1. All joints may leak, pay attention to the toxicity and flammability of the mobile phase.
2. The mechanical properties of flash columns are stable, and they have passed extremely high-pressure tests. Opening chromatographic columns may reduce the pressure limit.
3. The packing size in the column is small. When opening the column, please operate in a well-ventilated environment.
4. Avoid using flash columns with pH values below 1.8 or above 8.0.

The experimental results

Flash columns – high-performance liquid chromatography was used for the simultaneous determination of nicotine and cotinine in hair. The sample pretreatment method was simple and fast, and the baseline separation of nicotine and cotinine could be achieved within 1.0min. The analysis time was more than 85% less than that of the conventional chromatographic column, with the advantages of rapid, simple, high sensitivity, and good repeatability.

Hawach provides Empty Flash Columns, Spherical C18 Flash Columns, Spherical C8 Flash Columns, Spherical CN Flash Column, Spherical Phenyl Flash Column, and other flash columns for your choice.