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Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

Neutral Alumina Flash Column
Particle Size: 50μm-75μm
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%




Description of Neutral Alumina Flash Columns

Hawach Neutral Alumina Flash Columns are widely recognized and used by synthetic chemists in several world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. Filled with high-quality ultra-pure Sorbents of different particle sizes, users can choose different series of different sizes according to different economic and performance requirements. The company has established a sound production management system and the product quality equivalent with equivalent quality to world reputable brands.

The Hawach Neutral Alumina Flash Column is packed with high-quality Sorbents for an excellent price/performance ratio.

1) The flash columns With standard Luer-Lock inlet and Luer-Slip outlet, it is compatible with various rapid preparation systems for automatic mechanical packing, high resolution, and good reproducibility;
2) The separation column cylinder is designed with patented technology, with good pressure resistance and no leakage;
3) Mature products and high market awareness

Technical Data

Particle Size 50μm-75μm
Surface pH 6.3-7.2
Water Content 3.0-5.0%

Ordering Information

Item No.  Description Flow Rate  (mL/min) Sample Size Max. Pressure (psi/bar) Package(pcs/pk)
SLNA50004PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 8g 10-30 40mg-0.32g 200/14 1
SLNA50012PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 28g 15-45 120mg-1.0g 200/14 1
SLNA50025PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 46g 15-45 250mg-2.0g 200/14 1
SLNA50040PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 75g 20-50 400mg-3.2g 200/14 1
SLNA50080PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 150g 30-60 800mg-6.4g 200/14 1
SLNA50120PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 220g 30-70 1.2g-9.6g 200/14 1
SLNA50220PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 390g 40-80 2.2g-17.6g 150/10 1
SLNA50330PF Neutral alumina, 50–75µm, 600g 50-120 3.3g-26.4g 150/10 1
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