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Spherical C4 Flash Column

Pore Size: ​100Å
Particle Size: 20μm-45μm
Carbon Content: 5.8%
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area: 320m²/g




Description of Spherical C4 Flash Column

The Hawach Scientific Spherical C4 Flash Column is made from the medical-grade PP cartridge, the cartridge provides wide compatibility and is leakage-free. The column was used for reversed-phase chromatography for the separation of the hydrophobic substance.

Advantages of Spherical C4 Flash Column

  • The PP grade medical ensures wide solvent compatibility;
  • Free leakage;
  • Excellent column efficiency;
  • High surface area and average pore size;
  • Column quality is stable from batch to batch.


  • More Shorten retention time than the C8 Column and C18 phases.
  • More Polar than C8 and C18.


Be used for the separation of the hydrophobic substance.

Technical Data

Pore Size100Å
Particle Size20-45μm
Carbon Content5.8%
Column Specification Surface Area320m2/g
Surface pH6.3-7.2
Water Content3.0-5.0%

Ordering Information

Item   No. DescriptionFlow Rate  (mL/min)Sample SizeMax. Pressure (psi/bar)Package(pcs/pk)
SLC420004PF20-45μm, 100Å, 5.4g5-155.4mg-108mg300/212
SLC420012PF20-45μm, 100Å, 20g10-2520mg-0.40g300/211
SLC420025PF20–45µm, 100Å, 33g10–2533mg–0.66g300/211
SLC420040PF20–45µm, 100Å, 48g15–3048mg–0.96g300/211
SLC420080PF20–45µm, 100Å, 105g20–50105mg–2.1g300/211
SLC420120PF20–45µm, 100Å, 155g30–60155mg–3.1g300/211
SLC420220PF20–45µm, 100Å, 300g40–80300mg–6.0g250/171
SLC420330PF20–45µm, 100Å, 420g40–80420mg–8.4g250/171
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