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Spherical CN Flash Columns

Pore Size: ​100Å
Particle Size: 20μm-45μm
Carbon Content: 5.5%
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area: 320m²/g




Description of Spherical CN Flash Columns

The Hawach Scientific CN Flash chromatographic column was filled with bonded cyan-based functional groups on the ultrapure silica matrix. The polarity is between silicone gel and C18. The CN Flash chromatographic column can be used to separate the positive phase and reverse phase Flash.


Low power and low metal content
Cartridges can be available in the size of 4g, 12g, 25g, 40g, 80g, 120g, 220g, 330g, 1600g, 3000g, etc
Medical PP grade Cartridges provide high compatibility and flexibility as well as leakage free
Chromatographic columns with standard Luer-lock end accessories are perfectly compatible with most flash systems
Super pure and efficient bonding of silica gel, CN stationary phase
A column with a tight particle size distribution
Various bore sizes and sample sizes are suitable for various application requirements
Highly compatible with most rapid chromatographic systems

Features of Spherical CN Flash Columns

Super pure silica gel foundation column
The Standard Luer connection and excellent compatibility gives the better preparation system
The super clean payment unit ensures movement phase through without any extractable material
The maximum operating pressure of the cartridge is 200psi


Ideal for the separation of positive phase and reverse phase rapid chromatography

Technical Data

Pore Size 100Å
Particle Size 20um-45um
Carbon Content 5.5%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area 320m2/g
Surface pH 6.3-7.2
Water Content 3.0-5.0%
Spherical CN Columns

Ordering Information

Item   No.  Description Flow Rate  (mL/min) Sample Size Max. Pressure (psi/bar) Package(pcs/pk)
SLCN20004PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 5.4g 5–15 5.4mg–108mg 300/21 2
SLCN20012PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 20g 10–25 20mg–0.20g 300/21 1
SLCN20025PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 33g 10–25 33mg–0.66g 300/21 1
SLCN20040PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 48g 15–30 48mg–0.96g 300/21 1
SLCN20080PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 105g 20–50 105mg–2.1g 300/21 1
SLCN20120PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 155g 30–60 155mg–3.1g 300/21 1
SLCN20220PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 300g 40–80 300mg–6.0g 250/17 1
SLCN20330PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 420g 40–80 420mg–8.4g 250/17 1
Depuflash Series Spherical CN Columns

Ordering Information

Item   No.  Description Package(pcs/pk)
SLCNSP20004DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 4g 20
SLCNSP20012DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 12g 18
SLCNSP20025DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 25g 12
SLCNSP20040DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 40g 10
SLCNSP20080DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 80g 10
SLCNSP20120DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 120g 10
SLCNSP20220DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 220g 6
SLCNSP20330DF Spherical CN, 20-40μm, 330g 4
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