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Spherical Diol Flash Column

Hawach spherical diol flash columns offer high compatibility, safety, and flexibility with free leakage.




Description of Spherical Diol Flash Column

Hawach diol flash column has high compatibility, safety, and flexibility, and can leak freely. The binding of 2-hydroxypropyl functional groups used to isolate peptide, protein, and polar molecules can also be used to isolate organic acids and their oligomers.


  • Standard Luer-lock and Luer-slip end accessories;
  • Average specification surface area;
  • Special dry packaging techniques produce uniformity and repeatability;
  • Clean chromatographic column, clean packing, excellent column pressure.

Features of Diol Flash Columns

  • Spherical diols are bonded to silicon dioxide as flash columns;
  • Average Pore size: 60Å;
  • Average particle size: 20μm-40μm;
  • Positive phase silica gel is retained longer;
  • The size is 4g, 12g,25g, 40g, 80g, 120g, 220g, and 330g, which can meet the needs of most customers;
  • The disbursing unit can be used on columns over 40g to ensure a better flow rate and no leakage;
  • Ultrapure and highly efficient bonded silica-containing diol fixed phase.


Used to extract polar or semi-polar analytes from water-containing samples.

Ordering Information

Item   No. DescriptionPackage(pcs/pk)
SLDISP20004DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 4g20
SLDISP20012DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 12g18
SLDISP20025DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 25g12
SLDISP20040DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 40g10
SLDISP20080DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 80g10
SLDISP20120DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 120g10
SLDISP20220DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 220g6
SLDISP20330DFSpherical Diol, 20-40μm, 330g4
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