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Spherical HILIC Flash Columns

HILIC Flash Column
Pore Size: ​100Å
Particle Size: 20μm-45μm
Carbon Content: 6%
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%
Column Specification Surface Area: 300m²/g




Description of Spherical HILIC Flash Columns

The spherical HILIC flash chromatographic column of Hawach Scientific is suitable for polar and water-based solvents such as dyes, polyphase, oils, nucleotides, and alkaloids, using water-based solvent systems and polar water-soluble compounds. The spherical HILIC flash column has a wide range of dimensions and can meet a variety of customer requirements.

Advantage of Spherical HILIC Flash Columns

Full series sizes range from 4g to 330g
Column adsorbent has a tight particle size distribution to avoid leaching and/or channeling
Good compatibility with most flash instruments: Biotage, Grace, Armen, Moritex, etc
The medical PP grade Cartridge has no extractability and extensive compatibility

Features of Spherical HILIC Flash Columns

Both spherical and irregular HILIC sorbet are available
Ultra-pure and highly efficient bonded silica containing HILIC stationary phase
Column specification surface area: 300m2 / g
Average Pore Size: 100Å
Average particle size: 20μm-45μm
Carbon load: 6%


The purification of high polar compounds, which are silicon flash columns retained too much.
Purification of compounds insoluble in non-polar or low polar solvents.
Purification of compound mixtures with a wide range of polarity and selectivity.

Technical Data

Pore Size 100Å
Particle Size 20μm-45μm
Carbon Content 6%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area 300m2/g
Surface pH 6.3-7.2
Water Content 3.0-5.0%

Ordering Information

Item   No.  Description Flow Rate  (mL/min) Sample Size Max. Pressure (psi/bar) Package(pcs/pk)
SLHLC20004PF 20-45µm, 100Å, 5.4g 5–15 5.4mg–108mg 300/21 2
SLHLC20012PF 20-45µm, 100Å, 20g 10–25 20mg–0.20g 300/21 1
SLHLC20025PF 20-45µm, 100Å, 33g 10–25 33mg–0.66g 300/21 1
SLHLC20040PF 20-45µm, 100Å, 48g 15–30 48mg–0.96g 300/21 1
SLHLC20080PF 20-45µm, 100Å, 105g 20–50 105mg–2.1g 300/21 1
SLHLC20120PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 155g 30–60 155mg–3.1g 300/21 1
SLHLC20220PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 300g 40–80 300mg–6.0g 250/17 1
SLHLC20330PF 20–45µm, 100Å, 420g 40–80 420mg–8.4g 250/17 1
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