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Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns

Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns
Surface pH: 6.3-7.2
Water Content: 3.0-5.0%




Description of Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns

The spherical phenyl flash column of Hawach Scientific has the polarity similar to that of C18 flash column. It is made of ultra-pure silica gel bonded by phenyl functional groups. The spherical phenyl flash column has a good separation efficiency for conjugated compounds and plant compounds.

Advantages of Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns

Medical-grade PP pipes offer higher compatibility and column structure with free leakage
Packed silica gel column with automatic packaging machine ensures low fineness
Multiple adsorbents select samples with different characteristics
The flash column stationary phase with average pore size provides the excellent flow rate
Neutral surface pH range is widely compatible

Features of Spherical Phenyl Flash Columns

Column Specification Surface Area: 300m²/g
Average Pore Size: 100Å
Average Particle Size: 20μm-40μm
High load capacity of 10%, high recovery
Narrow particle distribution has excellent column efficiency
Excellent separation. Longer column time
Ultra pure and efficient bonded silica gel, phenyl fixed phase


Ideal for material separation.

Ordering Information

Item   No. DescriptionPackage(pcs/pk)
SLPHSP20004DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 4g20
SLPHSP20012DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 12g18
SLPHSP20025DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 25g12
SLPHSP20040DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 40g10
SLPHSP20080DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 80g10
SLPHSP20120DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 120g10
SLPHSP20220DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 220g6
SLPHSP20330DFSpherical Phenyl, 20-40μm, 330g4
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