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Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

The Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns from Hawach Scientific made from high purity silica gel sorbents as stationary phase makes high column efficiency.




Description of Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

The standard silica flash column of Hawach Scientific is made of high purity silica gel adsorbent as fixed phase, which can realize high column effect.


High purity packaging materials ensure excellent separation efficiency
Excellent backpressure, higher efficiency
The polypropylene filter cylinder and the joint can withstand column pressure and realize rapid and rapid chromatography
PE Frits has a Pore size selection for use by customers
Narrow particle size and high packing density

Features of Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

The packaging material is made of ultra-pure silica, which is specially washed by acid and deionized water
Narrow particle size and good water content control

The Quality Comparison of Hawach Flash Column with World Famous Brand for 3000g Silica Flash Column

Experiment Purpose:
The Hawach can offer big-size flash columns like 3000g silicon flash columns, which can be used in a large number of loading samples. This experiment compared the Hawach 3000g flash column and the same one of world-famous brand A, demonstrating that our big size flash column has good separation.

Experiment process:

Test flash column:
Hawach StarFlash series 3000g standard silica column(40-63μm, 60Å) and the same one of well-known brand A.

Test parameters:
Sample: Acetophenone and P-Methoxyacetophenone
Mobile phase: 80% hexane and 20% ethyl acetate
Flow Rate: 250 mL/min
Sample Size: 40 mL
WaveLength: 254 nm

Experiment results:
As shown in Figure 1, the Hawach 3000g big size flash column shows a pretty good separation ability compared with brand A.

Standard Silica Gel Flash Columns

Technical Data

Pore Size60Å
Particle Size40um-63um
Carbon Content17%
Cloumn Specification Surface Area500m2/g
Surface pH6.3-7.2
Water Content3.0-5.0%

Ordering Information

Item  No. DescriptionFlow Rate  (mL/min)Sample SizeMax. Pressure (psi/bar)Package(pcs/pk)
SLSTS4000440-63μm, 60Å, 4g15–404mg-0.4g200/1420
SLSTS4001240-63μm, 60Å, 12g30-6012mg-1.2g200/1418
SLSTS4002540-63μm, 60Å, 25g30-6025mg-2.5g200/1412
SLSTS4004040-63μm, 60Å, 40g40-7040mg-4.0g200/1412
SLSTS4008040-63μm, 60Å, 80g50-10080mg-8.0g200/1410
SLSTS4012040-63μm, 60Å, 120g60-150120mg-12.0g200/1410
SLSTS4022040-63μm, 60Å, 220g80-220220mg-22.0g150/106
SLSTS4033040-63μm, 60Å, 330g80-220330mg-33.00g150/105
SLSTS4080040-63μm, 60Å, 800g100-300800mg-80.0g100/73
SLSTS4160040-63μm, 60Å, 1600g200-5001.6g-160g100/72
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